Kathy Sherman, M.A. has an extensive background working as a learning specialist and consultant with a focus on dyslexia and other specific learning areas (40 years+).  Her experience includes: working within the public schools, working privately as a consultant (CU Law School admissions), completing evaluations, working directly with children, founder of three learning institutions—The Learning Connection, Bridge School and Hillside School.   Professionally, she remains an active learner in the field and stays current with research involving learning and the brain as well as application of that research.  She also has been actively involved researching and applying strategies that reduce stress in children and adults that relate to learning.


Beth Guadagni, M.A. has both a background in teaching children with reading and written language challenges as well as assessment.  Beth previously worked at the Yellin Center in New York City assessing students with learning differences.  She brings a high level of expertise and insight to her work with assessment.