Hillside is a half-day program that focuses on individualized instruction of reading, written language, and math while allowing students to attend their traditional school for the remainder of the day.

In a small classroom setting of four students, teachers personalize instruction for each student’s unique learning style, level, and pace. This approach reduces academic anxiety while creating comradery among peers who are similar learners. Hillside students’ progress is not only measured in academic growth, but also in their transformation into confident, capable learners.


Information about Dyslexia

“Dyslexia affects up to 1 in 5 people, but the experience of dyslexia isn’t always the same. This difficulty in processing language exists along a spectrum — one that doesn’t necessarily fit with labels like “normal” and “defective.” Kelli Sandman-Hurley urges us to think again about dyslexic brain function and to celebrate the neurodiversity of the human brain.”

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The Hillside Difference

Our Vision
Hillside School is a leader in the development of innovative teaching strategies for students with learning differences and serves as a community resource about education and the well-being of children.

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