My name is  Sydney Biffle and I am an alumnus of Hillside. I am in 8th grade at Boulder Country Day School and went to Hillside during 3rd and 4th grade, and learned so much during my time there. The teachers are so nice and I have made so many friends that I will never forget and that have taught me valuable lessons and how to do well in school. There are only four people per classroom so it gave me a chance to connect with my peers and my teacher in a unique way.

I have come back to Hillside for my 8th-grade Capstone project and will be working on trying to build an alumni community for Hillside. I chose Hillside because of how much this school helped me and I want to give back and help students with dyslexia.

Hillside wants to build a bigger community, and include former Hillside students to help support the next generation of dyslexic students. In my capstone project, I hope to learn more about alumni programs and help Hillside connect with students from the past 20 years. Hillside is an amazing school and I hope I can help find many Alumni and build a stronger community!

Part of this project requires former students to update their information so we know where everyone is and what they are up to. Whether you are still in school or working in the “real world”, please update your information below so we can connect with you.

Former Hillside Students – Let us know what you are up to!