Surviving and Thriving with Executive Function Challenges

Dr. George McCloskey gave an entertaining and informative presentation at our 10th Anniversary Speaker’s Spotlight and Fundraiser. Our three big takeaways were…

  1. Things will change and get better as our students practice new skills and mature. Development is not a straight line. Keep a long term perspective in mind.
  2. Students with executive function challenges will improve when they are explicitly taught the skills that they need. Often times they just don’t know how to stay organized, come up with option B and C, or calm themselves down. Once taught and with practice, they can gain new skills.
  3. Find out what it is that the CHILD wants to achieve and help them achieve that goal. This increases their motivation to practice and adapt new skills.

We hope that you also came away with some helpful ideas from Dr. McCloskey’s presentation. Below is the slide deck of his presentation.