The Hillside Difference

Hillside School reignites the joy of learning!

Our Guiding Beliefs

  • All children can learn
  • The joy of learning is every child’s right
  • Learning happens best when children are engaged in a supportive environment free of judgment
  • Educating children must include care for their affective needs
  • Ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of the academic program is essential
  • Collaboration with parents and professionals promotes student success
  • Serving as a resource about learning and the well-being of children supports the whole community

Our Vision

Hillside School is a leader in the development of innovative teaching strategies for students with learning differences and serves as a community resource about education and the well-being of children.

Our Mission

Hillside School provides specialized instruction enabling students with dyslexia and other learning differences to reach their academic potential and become capable and confident lifelong learners.

A Student’s Story
Click below to hear one student’s personal story of success. (2:45 min)