Hillside School Expansion

Hillside School was founded in 2005 to address the community’s need
for an intervention program designed specifically for students with
dyslexia. In a small classroom setting of four students, teachers
personalize instruction for each student’s unique learning style, level,
and pace. This approach reduces academic anxiety while creating
comradery among peers who are similar learners. Hillside students’
progress is not only measured in academic growth but also in their
transformation into confident, capable learners.

The need to expand Hillside’s reach and develop an all-inclusive
dyslexia center has become more apparent in recent years. Admissions
requests continue to climb with an increase of approximately 25%
annually. Learning evaluations are in demand with waitlists of six
months to a year or longer. Additionally, many college and graduate
level programs do not prepare educators to meet the needs of working
with students with dyslexia.  

To address these needs, Hillside’s Board of Trustees created a
comprehensive strategic plan and determined that the greatest way to
expand Hillside’s impact is to focus on the three following areas:
growth of the current program to meet increasing admission demands;
administering assessments and screenings for early intervention; and
professional development training for local teachers.

The Hillside School and Community Center for Dyslexia building was
approved by Boulder County in 2022, providing Hillside the opportunity
to further grow these programs and extend our reach into the community.
Construction is divided into two phases. Phase one will focus on the
expansion of classrooms, while the existing building remains. The
existing building will be freed up to serve as the Community Center for
Dyslexia, which will house our professional development program, our
speaker series, information center, and learning evaluations. Phase 2 is
a part of our long-term campus master plan which will replace our
current building with a new two-story building for the Community Center.