Methods for Success

Hillside School provides specialized instruction for students in grades 1-9 in a supportive environment. We enable students with dyslexia and other learning differences to reach their academic potential and become capable and confident learners.

Key components of Hillside’s program

  • One hour a day is dedicated to each academic area – reading, written language, and math
  • Four students per class
  • Individualized instruction based on the specific needs and levels of each student
  • Skills are explicitly taught and student’s level of mastery is tracked as the learning progresses. This helps eliminate the frustration of moving forward before fully learning important, prerequisite skills
  • Immediate feedback is provided to reinforce correct responses
  • Frequent charting allows students to monitor and be involved in their own progress
  • Multi-sensory teaching methods are used to help fully learn the material presented
  • Strategies are incorporated to ensure mastery and independence with skills taught
  • Wherever possible, fluency—the speed with which students can apply skills—is increased
  • Repetition, frequent review and application of skills being learned is interwoven throughout the program
  • Best Teaching Practices” are employed as discussed in current neuroscience research such as Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz
  • Hillside teachers communicate with teachers from the student’s regular school
  • The balance of the day is spent at the student’s public, private, or home school