Possible Test Components

Cognitive –Woodcock Johnson Cognitive IV Comprehension Knowledge (vocab, general knowledge) Fluid Reasoning Perceptual or Processing Speed Working Memory Visual/Spatial Thinking Auditory Processing Reading–Woodcock Johnson Achievement IV Letter/Word Identification Spelling Reading Comprehension Word Attack Reading Recall Reading Fluency (Writing Fluency) Gray Oral Reading Test 5— optional Woodcock Johnson Language Processing IV (related to dyslexia) Retrieval Fluency […]

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Types of Evaluations and Cost

Cognitive, *Reading/Written Language and Math: $1,400 Specific dyslexia reading/written language evaluation: $1,050 (includes cognitive assessment) Reading/dyslexia indicator (kindergarten to 2nd grade): $250  (45 minutes) Individual achievement areas: $400 per area *includes dyslexia

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