Items of interest to parents

Dyslexia Resources

Learning is a lifelong experience. As a school, Hillside is involved in a continual process of enhancing our teaching practices and knowledge of factors that affect children’s ability to be successful learners with a sense of positive well-being. Often what we learn and discover at Hillside is important information for parents or anyone involved with […]

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Hillside Benefit & Auction

Friday, April 26, 7:00-10:00 pm $50 price includes… admission food stations all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages If you can’t make the event – you can still sponsor and/or purchase tickets for a faculty member to attend! Boulder Creative Collective 2500 47th Street Unit 10 Boulder, CO 80301 Casual attire welcome This casual and fun evening […]

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What do parents need to know about dyslexia?

Kathy Sherman, Director of Hillside, laid out the basic facts about dyslexia plus much more in her HillTOPICS presentation on January 10, 2017. Did you know that one in five children have some degree of dyslexia? And that many myths about dyslexia still persist, such as that boys are more affected than girls (they’re not), […]

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Your Child’s Civil Rights and Section 504

Did you know the federal government requires schools to protect the civil rights of students with disabilities? But the devil is in the details and Georgia Montoya and Andres Ramirez, two attorneys from the Office of Civil Rights, came to our November HillTOPICS meeting to speak about the public schools’ responsibilities to protect the civil rights of […]

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How to Use Text to Speech on an iPad

In this video, Ben Foss shows a student how to use the “text to speech” feature on his iPad. Ben is a SUPER FAST “ear reader”, but students can personalize the speed of the reader so that they are able to understand and follow along with the text at their own pace. Have you used […]

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